CRC32's calculation of a file or a string

  • BunnY's CRC32 Calculation v1.1.0.

The aim of this project is to allow the user to discover the what is the CRC32.
With this tool, you can calculate the CRC32 sum of a file or a string and compare the result with a reference value. DO NOT use a CRC32 algorithm to encrypt some critical datas because it's very easy to break the encryption. Use for fun or educational purpose only !

This software has been developped with Delphi 2010.
Indeed, I upgraded my old version of Delphi 7 even if I continue to use it...
You are lucky: this soft is in English because it was developped for a non-French speaking friend !

And if you like some oldies, a Chiptune is included in this soft.

This program is free for a non-commercial use.
Reverse engineering tasks are not allowed.
You can redistribute this soft for free but you're not allowed to receive a compensation for that.