Studies projects using C++/Java languages

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Welcome to the scolarship development section !
The aim of this section is to introduce you some programs developed during my IT and computer Science DUT and my cursus at Esil (Engineer School).
You will be able to find a certain number of little softs and some bigger projects.

The applications available in this page are downloadable for free.
The source code (except a contrary mention) is under GNU/GPL version 2 (check the licence.txt file included in each archive) but the resources (the pics in ||ESA|| MemoTux for example) and the third-party libraries belong to thei respective owners (check the owners.txt file - in French only).

  • ||ESA|| MemoTux v1.2.

Memory cards game coded with Java language.
This soft in Multi2 En/Fr and has a move counter.
This project is not alive anymore bucause of a lack of free time (and not enough motivation to do Java coding again...).
Maybe in the future...


  • Texturing and floodlight of a landscape using OpenGL.

This C++ practical work belongs to the Picture Synthesis course for the Digital Picture option during the second year of the DUT.
The goal of this prog is to flatten a texture against a landscape model and manage the floodlight to accentuate the relief (shadows).
It uses the OpenGL library.


  • Read/Write of different images formats.

This pratical training belongs to the Pictures Representation and Coding. During this curse, we learnt how to read and write PPM, PGM and Targa (TGA) pictures.
This command line tool (coded in C++) give you the possibility to read two TGA pics (with and without color-map) of different
sub-formats and to write them in PGM and TGA formats.
This tool is not very big so I would like to add the read/write feature for the JPG and PNG formats and maybe add the RLE
compression for the TGA pics.


  • Realtime loodlight of a 3D scene using OpenGL.

The goal of this other practical training of Picture Synthesis is to create a scene using simple primitives parallelepipeds, cones, spheres, planes...), texture them and add a mobile floodlight (symbolized by the yellow sphere). When we move this spehre, the floodlight of the scene changes in real time.
Coded in C++ using the OpenGL library.


  • Little Solar System using OpenGL.

This pratical training is a representation of a little Solar System. The objective is to apply some transformations (rotations to different axis depending on the planets and the satellites).
It belongs to the Picture Synthesis course using the C++ language and the OpenGL library.